Plant background

Services Provided

I provide a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation for children and adults experiencing learning difficulties. This evaluation may include emotional, behavioral, adaptive functioning, general intellectual functioning, attention, language, visual spatial, motor, memory / learning, executive, academic areas. These assessments help us to understand you or your child’s learning strengths and weaknesses and to identify areas of need. If your child is having behavioral difficulties at school, I can observe the child in class or on the playground and develop a plan to help him or her. I also help children who are experiencing social difficulties or school phobia through counseling and consultation with parents.

My extensive experience has taught me that what we do with the information after the assessment is as important as collecting the information. To this end, I make sure test results are explained and used to help you or your child. My services include a meeting to review results and, if requested, a meeting with the school to ensure that the school understands your child’s learning or behavioral needs, and to work with the teacher to modify your child’s program so that your child can be more successful in school.

I want you or your child to feel good about school. If your child has difficulties we can address these difficulties and find ways for your child to be more successful.