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Frequently Asked Questions

What does an assessment involve and how long will it take ?

Generally, assessments take 9-15 hours of testing and five hours of test scoring and interpretation. Students are tested for two to three hours at a time, depending on their age. Reports are done as expeditiously as possible and can take 3- 5 hours.

Every assessment begins with a parent interview aimed at learning developmental background, school history and areas of concern. Teachers and other staff are also queried and asked to complete relevant rating scales.

Will you share results of the assessment with the school?

Unless a parent objects, I will share results of the evaluation with the classroom teacher and other relevant staff. I will attend parent teacher conferences for the remainder of the school year to advocate for your child’s needs.

What will the assessment tell me?

Every assessment is tailored to the concerns about your child so no two assessments are the same. However, generally, the assessment will reveal your child’s learning strengths and weaknesses and will identify visual and auditory processing areas that might be keeping your child from reaching his or her academic potential. Rating scales and clinical observations will identify emotional, social, attentional, and behavioral concerns. Classroom and playground observations will provide a picture of your child’s social behavior and will show how your child is functioning in the classroom environment.

If I have my child assessed at school and do not agree to the results, what options do I have?

If you do not agree with an assessment that is conducted by your school district, you have the right to ask for an Independent Educational Evaluation by the Psychologist of your choice. Sometimes, districts will give you a list of evaluators who can repeat the evaluation. However, as a parent, you have a right to select the psychologist who reevaluates your student.

What areas of disability do you identify?

Having been a school psychologist for 18 years, I have abundant experience assessing specific learning disabilities, language problems, social or emotional needs, Attention disorders, with or without hyperactivity, and children with behavioral disorders. I have expertise in working with children on the Autism spectrum and use the ADOS II, the Autism Diagnostic Observational Scale, to identify children on the spectrum. I am familiar with intervention methods that should be included in your child’s IEP (Indivdual Educational Plan) .

Do you speak Spanish?

I speak and understand Spanish at a high intermediate level. I am not fluent in Spanish.

What is included in the fee?
The fee for the assessment includes meeting prior to the evaluation, the testing, test scoring and analysis, report preparation, and meeting with you to discuss the test results. The fee includes post testing conference and two meetings with the school, if requested. Consultations and school meetings are billed on an hourly basis to the nearest half-hour.