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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does an assessment take?
Evaluations take two to three meetings lasting 2 ½ to 3 hours. With very young children the testing may be divided into three to five sessions. Following the assessment itself, the scoring, interpretation analysis and writing of the test report can take up to two weeks.
How does this testing differ from testing done by the public schools?
Public school assessments are generally designed to determine eligibility for Special Education services.  Private evaluations are designed to identify strengths and weaknesses, the factors interfering with a child’s functioning, and provide recommendations that will help your child be more successful in school. 
What should I tell my child prior to the assessment?
Even young children are often aware that they are experiencing some struggles. Telling them the goal is to identify how they learn best and to make things easier for them is usually quite reassuring.  Students can also be told that while many of the tests will involve information and tasks that are familiar, many have a game like nature and are fun.
What is included in the fee?
The fee for the assessment includes meeting prior to the evaluation, the testing, test scoring and analysis, report preparation, and meeting with you to discuss the test results.  The fee includes post testing conference and two meetings with the school, if requested. Consultations and school meetings are billed on an hourly basis to the nearest half-hour.
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